10 things we love about Queensland, Australia

From the best surfing spots to a rain forest retreat, this is the place with something to please each and every traveler. So check out the 10 things we love about Queensland, Australia and start planning your next trip.


1.Queensland, Australia tropical weather

Queensland, Australia has a subtropical climate with very mild to warm temperatures all year round. So if you’re wanting to escape the chilly cities in the south, book a tour in the Great Barrier or Daintree Forest.

Temperatures in the summer go up to 30ºC and in the winter they’re still around 25ºC. Yet, as in any good tropical location, it might be a good idea to pack a raincoat. The humid days could turn into sudden showers.


2.Home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world: the Great Barrier Reef

Home to more than 1.500 fish species, turtles and beautiful corals, the Great Barrier Reef is too unique to miss. It is the largest coral reef in the world, even visible from outer space.

Down here, you can visit this World Heritage Site on a boat and get under water. Departing from Cairns, you’ll have a once in a lifetime snorkeling or diving experience. Another exciting way to see the Great Barrier is on a scenic flight. Reach out to us, and we’ll put together an unforgettable tour for you.


Queensland, Australia
The Great Barrier Reef. Copyright: Tourism Whitsundays


3.The oldest tropical forest in the world: the Daintree rain forest

Just two hours out of Cairns, there is a magical place to unwind away from crowds. The Daintree forest is another World Heritage Site you will love, full of jungle trails and waterfalls.

Go deep into the rainforest with a native guide and learn all about the endangered species that live here. Book a retreat and get in touch with nature, sleeping under the canopies. If you’re looking for more options like this, check out our list of the best nature retreats in Australia.


4.Pristine beaches of Queensland, Australia: Whitsunday Islands

If you’re looking for paradise on earth, then head out to Whitehaven beach on Whitsunday Islands. This is the perfect mix for those who want to relax on the pure white sand and do some water activities. With the Great Barrier Reef just off the coast, it is a great spot for diving too.

With a total of 74 islands located midway between Brisbane and Cairns, there is plenty to explore around here. And the most blissful way to do it is on a 3-day sailing trip, which includes food and accommodation. Should we start booking you a tour?


Queensland, Australia
Whitsunday Islands Copyright: Tourism Australia


5.Surfing in the Gold Coast

One of the best spots for surfing, the Gold Coast needs to be in your list of places to visit in Queensland, Australia. Even if you are not into catching some waves, a good day at the beach is guaranteed. Burleigh Heads, Currumbin, Coolangatta and Snapper Rocks are some of the most popular ones. But it is Surfers Paradise that welcomes you with skyscrapers by the beach, tons of shops and a vibrant nightlife.


Queensland, Australia
Copyright: Tourism Australia


6.The natural wonders of the Sunshine and Fraser coast

One of the popular getaways for Brisbanites is the Sunshine Coast, 1 hour drive to the north. A little less touristy than the Gold Coast, this is where the locals come for holiday in Queensland, Australia.

While the summer is made of blissful coastal walks in Noosa Heads, the winter is for spotting humpback whales off the coast of Hervey Bay.  Finally, you must head to Fraser Island. Get ready to enter the real Jurassic Park, with millenary fauna and crystal blue lakes. In there you will find a variety of one-of-a-kind animals, like the mischievous dingo. Learn more about tours like this and others you can’t miss here.


7.Lots of Koalas: Lone Pine Sanctuary and Noosa Heads Parkland

If you’re planning on doing some coastal walks, keep an eye out for fluffy natives. Around these parts, eucalyptus is abundant and their biggest fan is the Koala. They can sleep up to 20 hours a day on a branch, thus camouflaging in the vegetation.

But don’t worry if you couldn’t spot them in the wild. Simply visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane and take a picture holding one. Could there be a better souvenir from Queensland, Australia?


Queensland, Australia
Copyright: Tourism Australia


8.A birthplace of Aboriginal Culture

When visiting Australia, one of the most enriching experiences is to get to know the millennial culture of the Aboriginals. And as one of the places where it all started, Northern Queensland, or Kuku Yalanji land, is definitely worth visiting.

Book a tour with us and learn to fish and hunt with the natives at Cooya Beach. Get a deeper understanding of their beliefs, especially through traditional ceremonies that you will not see anywhere else.


9.Brisbane, the third biggest Australian city

Another thing we love about Queensland, Australia is the variety of scenarios. Between a pristine beach and a rainforest retreat, you can make a pitchstop at the city.

Walk around the busy streets of Brisbane’s CBD and join the locals for drinks on a rooftop. For another great view of the city, hop on a ferry and cross the river. Once on the other side, make time to visit the awesome complex of museums. And if you’re not feeling so cultural, why not take a dip in the artificial beach on the waterfront?

Excited about it? Then have a look at our tips for 48 hours in Brisbane.


Queensland, Australia
Copyright: Tourism Australia


10.Adventure trips on the Outback

If the Northern Territory is your next destination, then you must take the chance to head there on a road trip. By crossing the Outback on the Savannah Way, you will experience a whole other scenario in Queensland, Australia.

Extending between Cairns and Broome in WA, it links 15 National Parks and five World Heritage areas. Get to know the friendly and picturesque towns and explore the natural wonders. Start by swimming in the waterholes and hot springs at Atherton Tablelands. Then, make your way to the Undara Lava Tubes, Cobbold Gorge and Boodjamulla National Park.

Get in touch with us and we’ll make sure you have an exciting time in the Queensland Outback.


Queensland, Australia
Savannah Way, Queensland, Australia. Source: Savannah Way Ltd


If you’re as excited as we are about Queensland, Australia, then reach out and we’ll book you an unforgettable holiday.


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