8 things we love about Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, Australia is the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway. Here are 8 things we love about this town in South Australia, that we can’t wait to share with you.


The cool, laid-back vibe spreads all around, from the city centre to the beaches and up the hills. Take a stroll at the colourful Central Market or book a wine tasting just outside town at Barossa Valley. There is plenty to do and we’re sure you’ll love it too.


1.Architecture of Adelaide, Australia

The first thing that stands out in a city like Adelaide, Australia is the combination of the old world and new. You might be passing along single-storey brick houses and suddenly be facing the modern Oval stadium. On the way, make sure you visit St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, a beautiful Gothic church right in the centre of town.

Located by the Torrens river, the stadium and the bridge are well worth the view. Take some time to explore the new exciting promenade, and watch a show at the stunning renovated Festival Centre.


Adelaide, Australia
Torrens River, Adelaide. Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

2.Artsy Vibe

There is an artistic vibe on every corner of town. Be it street art, unusual sculptures or actually art schools, it is easy to come across the Adelaidean creativity. Book a city tour with us, one of the leading Australian inbound tour operators, and don’t miss one bit of it.

Take some time to visit the South Australian Museum, where you’ll see some wonderful examples of Aboriginal artwork. And if you’re more into the contemporanean, step into the national and international exhibitions at the Art Gallery of South Australia.


3.Shopping Spree

A holiday wouldn’t be complete without some souvenir shopping. And one of the busiest places in Adelaide, Australia is the open air Rundle Mall. In this pedestrian street you’ll find everything from little souvenirs to big retail shops, like Apple.

And while you’re there, go inside the beautiful 1885-built Adelaide Arcade. It still preserves the vintage balcony with specialty shops, like a hatter and haberdashery, and picturesque cafes on the ground floor.


Adelaide, Australia
Rundle Mall, Adelaide. Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission


4.Everything fresh at the Adelaide Central Market

Right in the centre of town, the Adelaide Central Market is one of the places we love and you surely will too. Packed with fresh fruit, flowers, meat and fish stalls, it is well-worth a visit even if you’re not grocery shopping.

In there, you’ll also find affordable restaurant options, juice bars, cheese and wine bars, bakeries and deli shops. So why not make a pit stop at lunch time, and make your pick of what to try in this fantastic market?


5.The white sand Beaches of Adelaide, Australia

Easy to access, the white sand beaches in Adelaide, Australia are also beautiful. You can take the tram from the city to Glenelg beach, the most popular one around. And if you’re craving seafood, then Henley beach is the place to be.

Extending along the dunes, Semaphore beach is one of our favorites. We love it because it has both of two worlds: nature and structure. In fact, the neighborhood is filled with historic buildings, independent cafes and trendy boutiques.


Adelaide, Australia
Glenelg Beach. Credit: Tourism Australia

6.Time travelling at Adelaide Hills

Another cool thing about Adelaide, Australia is it’s rich vibe of town, country and beach, all in one place. Take a day to explore the lovely Adelaide Hills, one of the first areas to be settled around here. Visit the beautiful towns of Hahndorf and Aldgate, which still reflect the German settlement period and you’ll see what we mean.

Only an hour’s away from the CBD, it is the easiest getaway from the city. Here, you’ll have the chance to try the best local produce, from wines to cured meats and organic vegetables. Book with DMC Australia One for a perfect day in Adelaide Hills.


7.Worldclass Wines from Barossa Valley

And speaking of wine, did you know that the famous Barossa Valley is just outside Adelaide? That’s right, here is where you can visit some of the oldest wineries in Australia, with a fascinating heritage dating back to the 1800s.

Book a cellar tour, to taste the world-class Shiraz and Riesling varieties and learn all about the winemaking process.


Adelaide, Australia
WOMADelaide. Credit: Grant Hancock

8.Awesome Festivals throughout the year

With such a thriving artistic community, it comes as no surprise that Adelaide, Australia is home to many vibrant cultural festivals.

It starts in February with Adelaide Fringe Festival, unarguably the most eclectic one with theatre, magic shows, interactive design, among many other things happening all through town. Then WOMADelaide follows in March, a music festival where entertainers from all backgrounds encourage multicultural experiences.

With so much creativity pulsing within the city, there is always something happening. So check out what’s on and don’t miss a thing from Adelaide’s artistic scene.


If you’re as excited about Adelaide, Australia as we are, then book now and start packing!


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