25 items you must include in your Australia Packing List

From dry heat to damp tropical weather, versatility is the most important thing when packing for Australia. Take note of all the essentials that we have listed for you!

Australia Packing List:


Endless beach days essentials:


Ah those careless days at the beach… You will have plenty of those here in Australia and each place offers different activities, but don’t forget the basics.

  • Swimsuit. Bikini, surf shorts, colored or patterned, the possibilities are countless just make sure to bring at least one!
  • Flip Flops, who doesn’t need them in the summer?
  • Sunglasses, another essential for all of the sunny days coming your way.
  • Sarong or quick dry travel towel. Their weightlessness make it the perfect substitute for a traditional voluminous towel.
  • Snorkel equipment. Explore the turquoise rock pools along the shores with your own kit and in your own time.


Credits: Tourism Australia



Gear up for lots of outdoor activities:

Even if you are not that sporty, bet on comfortable apparel to explore the Australian wilderness.


  • Lightweight clothes. Choose those that won’t restrict your movements while keeping you cool at the same time.
  • Waterproof jacket. To protect you from the rain and wind in tropical areas.
  • Hat. You can easily spend a whole day out in the sun, so remember to protect your head!
  • Closed shoes. We recommend you pack boots, especially if you’re visiting canyons, but sports sneakers will do too.
  • Head net to keep the flies away. Whether you are cycling around Rottnest Island or hiking Uluru, this is a tip you will thank us for later.
  • Spray bottle. Fill it with ice cold water to cool you down during walks under the scorching sun.
  • Dry bag. If you want your phone and car keys with you in a kayak you will want them safe in a waterproof sack.


Credits: Tourism Australia


Out and about in Australian cities:

Most cities here are pretty casual, even state capitals, but it’s always a good idea to pack a dress or shirt just in case.


  • One smart look. Especially in the big cities, some bars can turn you down at the door if you look like you just came in from the beach.
  • Neat shoes. We don’t mean oxfords or heels, this is entirely up to you. But polished shoes are a good backup in the bottom of your suitcase.
  • Casual clothes for a day out in the city.


Credits: Tourism Australia


No-brainer techs:

We guarantee that all of the unbelievable experiences and sceneries you will come across during your trip are worth recording. So make sure you pack the following essentials:


  • A good camera. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to bring home high quality pictures that are worth framing, the views are jaw dropping.
  • A GoPro and waterproof case. It could have easily been invented just for Australia. Take a selfie with turtles at bright colorful reefs or capture a wandering shark on film during your dive.
  • Powerbank for emergencies.
  • Power adapter. You will absolutely need fully charged electronics for your exciting days in Australia!


Credits: Tourism Australia


Avoid last minute spending with basic toiletries and medicine:

Finally, why not avoid extra spending in things you can easily bring from home?


  • Basic personal care items that you would take on any holiday.
  • Flight allowed containers. You will probably be traveling around so don’t be caught by surprise at the airport control. Nowadays you can get cute ones too to keep on your backpack for future trips! Also, these come in handy for road trips if you need to take an outdoor shower.
  • Repellent. Lots of it. Whether you are at the beach or in the middle of the Outback, don’t forget this life-saver item. You will want to keep the flies, mosquitoes and weird bugs away for a relaxing holiday, right?
  • Sunscreen. Go with the recommended SPF 50, the sun out here is unforgivingly strong.
  • Lip balm and moisturizer for the arid desert days.
  • Your own medicine. Obviously, in case of an emergency you can easily go to the doctor, this is a first world country after all! However, mind the prescription only drugs and save trouble by having all you need with you. We would probably recommend allergy pills and after-sun lotion, just to be on the safe side.


Credits: Tourism Australia


Now that you are all set with your Australia Packing List, we hope to see you soon!


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