Top 5 nature retreats in Australia

Have you been dreaming of a truly relaxing getaway? Want to detox from technology and reconnect with nature? Then here’s a list of the 5 best nature retreats in Australia, that is tailor made for you.


1.Bamurru plains, a haven for birdwatching and fishing

Brilliantly established in the Mary River floodplains, the Bamurru Plains takes it to the next level. Seriously, there is no wifi or phone reception here. So lean back in one of their cool bungalows and embrace the wilderness at your feet. There’s even an infinity pool, mirroring the plains, in what is one of the best nature retreats in Australia. You can fly to Darwin and make a stop here on your way to Kakadu National Park.

Wake up with the call of magpie geese and fall asleep to the sound of wallabies wandering around. The fauna is so rich, that we strongly recommend you venturing out on an airboat safari. For those who love fishing, make sure you visit during the wet season. You will feel totally recharged, after a day of cruising the still waters. If you can feel grounded just by contemplating nature, spend a night at the hideout. From this private treehouse, there’s no animal that will go unspotted.


Best Nature Retreats in Australia
Source: Bamurru Plains Copyright: Archie Sartracom


2. A tent by the sea at Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef

Australia is known for having wonderful reefs, crowded with all kinds of species. So you might want to book a stay at the Sal Salis camp, tucked in between the dunes of Cape Range National Park. Much like a high level camping site, here you sleep in a tent with the perks of a hotel. This is probably one of the most remote retreats, in the north coast of Western Australia. Feel free to give us a shout and we’ll tell you all about how to get there.

Your day at the Ningaloo reef will go something like this: waking up and dipping your feet in the sea, just a few steps from your tent. Hopping on a kayak and snorkeling for hours with turtles, rays and reef sharks. And after swimming with friendly whale sharks, dozing off on the white sand. The guided walks at the nearby gorge offer a different, but equally stunning scenery. Be as it may, everyday will come to an end with a jaw dropping view of the Milkyway above.

Best Nature Retreats in Australia
Source: Sal Salis Copyright: Archie Sartracom


3.The strongest connection with Uluru at Longitude 131

One of the best places to feel centered and connected with nature has to be at the spiritual heart of Australia. The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is where it all started according to aboriginal culture, making it a natural sanctuary.

Take in the magical energy emanating from the Ayers Rock at sunrise, just outside your window. This is one of the best nature retreats in Australia, with luxurious tents nestled in the desert. Call it glamping if you like, the truth is you will be sleeping under the stars in the silent desert. Sounds relaxing right? And Longitude 131 has much more to offer. From spa treatments with healing bush medicine, to losing yourself in the night’s heavenly views.

Best Nature Retreats in Australia
Copyright: Longitude 131


4.Daintree Eco Lodge, going deep into the rainforest

If every time you close your eyes to unwind and green pops in your head, then you’ll love the Daintree eco lodge. Here you will truly immerse in the rainforest, the largest and most complex in Australia. For this blissful retreat is hidden underneath lush canopies of the Queensland World Heritage site. And to make things better, the privileged location means that you can visit the Great Barrier Reef during your stay.

Leave your cabin in the morning for a refreshing dip in the lodge’s own waterfall. Meet with indigenous people, while learning with them how to reconnect with the earth. Another opportunity to do that is on a guided nature walk, where you’ll spot unique native animals and exotic flora. Wrap up your day in your cabin’s outdoor tub, by the sound of birds in the soothing atmosphere.


Best Nature Retreats in Australia
Copyright: Daintree Eco Lodge


5.The countryside retreat of Kimo Estate

Love and a cabin may be too idyllic for everyday, but it surely makes for one of the best nature retreats in Australia. Once at Kimo Estate, you will have a whole hill to yourself in the countryside to unplug.

You can either opt for a rustic cottage or the glamping eco hut, expect a cosy and secluded place. Right in the middle of the Australian bush, the eco hut is worth a visit though. It is a stunning piece of architecture that blends beautifully with the landscape.
Located two hours driving from Canberra, you will quickly fall into this farm’s rhythm. Enjoy the red sunset from the deck, while spotting sheep and cows in the horizon.


Best Nature Retreats in Australia
Copyright: Kimo Estate

Let us know once you’ve made your pick and we’ll book a stay for you, in one of the best retreats in Australia.

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