Why you should book Whitsunday Islands now

The perfect getaway for those who seek pristine beaches and calm waters is just off the coast of Queensland, and you might have heard about it. Now it’s time to book Whitsunday Islands for your next holiday.


Nestled in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, a natural wonder of the world, this is only one of the reasons why you should book Whitsunday Islands. In fact, with a total of 74 islands to explore, there is plenty to do around here.


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How to get to Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsundays are located off the coast of Airlie Beach, midway between Brisbane and Cairns. You can fly directly to one of the islands, the famous Hamilton Island, from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. If you are a travel agent, book with us, one of the leading Australian inbound tour operators, and have a relaxed holiday from the moment you land in Queensland. We’ll have you stepping on pure white sand and watching the wonderful sunset in no time.

Most of the Whitsunday Islands are preserved, which explains the lush green framing the beautiful coast. And the best way to experience such natural paradise right from the sea, is to go on a sailing tour across the islands and set base on Hamilton Island.



Book Whitsunday Islands with DMC Australia for a unique experience

Whether you’ve been dreaming of Whitehaven Beach or having a peek at the Heart Reef from an airplane, we aim to surprise your clients with our Australian tours. First, let us know what you have in mind and we’ll pick the perfect accomodation for you, anything from freestanding bungalows to luxurious resorts. Once you are settled in, take your time enjoying the beach and the warm weather. And if lazing around is not your style, well then let the adventure begin.

If visiting the Great Barrier Reef is on your bucket list, then book Whitsunday Islands’ tours on glass bottom boats to secluded spots. Jump in the water to dive or snorkel, around stunning colorful reefs, sea turtles and an impressive diversity of fishes.

Book a scenic flight for a bird’s-eye view of the Reef and top it off with a private picnic on Whitehaven Beach. Otherwise, you can go on a self-guided kayak or jet ski tour to the famous Whitsundays sights. Either way, make sure that you wrap up your day at the top of the hill, sipping on a cocktail and watching the sunset on the horizon.


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So, will you book Whitsunday Islands for your client’s next trip? We are an B2B inbound travel agency, providing services for travel agents in all Europe. Get in touch with us now to start planning with a great DMC Australia.


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