Great Fishing Adventures of Australia

No matter what the season, Australia offers international enthusiasts the opportunity to indulge in their passion and experience some of the very best fishing, amongst some of the most naturally spectacular and diverse environments, the world has to offer. (via Australia)



Great Fishing Adventures of Australia. See the transcript:

Australia. The world only island continent. Surrounded by nearly 16,000 km of pristine coastline. It’s home of 4,000 thousand species of fish, making it the ultimate fishing destination. Anywhere you look at it, Australia is an anglers paradise.

Many species found in our waters, is found nowhere else on Earth and even the better-known species are more abundant and larger down here.

Our southern waters are renewed for giant snappers, powerful king fish and huge tuna. The cool waters also provide some of the finest fly fishing.

Explore the waters beneath the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge or try ahead for the Australian Marlin. In the world most reliable destination for bit black marlin fishing.

In our own tropical waters, exists the world largest organism: The Great Barrier Reef. A heaven for wildlife and heaven for fishing fans. Anglers are being known for catching over than 15 species in one week.

Discover the extraordinary beneath our Western and Northern waters with hundreds of species of fish. Make Australia your next fishing adventure.

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