All you need to know before you visit the Kimberley Australia

To visit the Kimberley Australia is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on a true outback experience. Swim in gorges of outstanding beauty and walk among towering sandstone cliffs this April.


How to get there

Located in the north of Western Australia, you can visit the Kimberley Australia by flying directly from Perth and Darwin all year-round. During the high season, Broome International Airport offers an extended option of destinations, such as Sydney and Melbourne.


When to visit the Kimberley Australia

The Kimberley is affected by a tropical climate, with monsoons hitting from January to March. Which makes it perfect to visit in April and May, just at the start of the dry season. This is when the gorges and waterfalls are at their best, so make sure you plan ahead to visit then.


What to see and do in Kimberley Australia


The exotic town of Broome is the perfect combination between outback and pristine beaches, which is why you can’t miss it. Home to the fine South Sea Pearl, it has established itself as a multicultural hub since the 1880’s. In fact, the pearling industry drew people from as far as Japan and Europe and has been doing so until today.

Join the locals in the Chinatown’s pubs and take a camel tour at sunset in the beautiful Cable Beach.


visit the kimberley australia
Credit: James Fisher/Tourism Australia


Aboriginal rock art and communities

Home to indigenous populations for roughly 60.000 years, Australia offers you the chance to engage with the Aboriginal Culture today.  

Explore the cliffs of Mitchell Falls and Mertens Falls and discover the beautiful rock art paintings that date back tens of thousands of years.

Visit a community at Cape Leveque and be inspired by their spirituality and traditions during a guided tour.


El Questro

Get connected with nature in El Questro’s one million acre paradise. There are plenty of true outback adventures to go on, from self-guided hikes to helicopter tours. And don’t forget to have an eye out for the boab tree, usually rooted along the Gibb River Road.

And the good news is, there’s accommodation for every budget at El Questro Wilderness Park. Find all about your options with your Australian inbound tour operator, Australia One.


visit The Kimberley australia
Credit: Tourism Australia


Bungle Bungle Range

Did you know that there are massive beehive shaped domes made of sandstones and pebbles in the heart of the Kimberley Australia? In fact, the Bungle Bungle Range is one of the landmarks in the World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park. So if you’re looking for a memorable experience, make sure you book a tour with us to walk among beautiful chasms and gorges. And if you’re feeling adventurous, book a flight to have a stunning bird’s eye view.


King George Falls

Another wonderful experience, when you visit the Kimberley Australia, is to go on a cruise and see up close the King George Falls. These are the highest twin waterfalls of Western Australia, dropping 80 meters from sandstone cliffs. You can also see this natural beauty from the top of the falls, for a different perspective.


visit the kimberley australia
Credit: North Star Cruises Australia


So pack your bags and get in touch with us to visit the Kimberley Australia this April!


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