Common and Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I become an Australia One wholesaler?

A: Please click on the ‘Customer’, and then ‘Become a Customer’ link in our website. Then complete the form on the page, which is automatically sent to us for consideration.

Q: How do I access rates for Australia and New Zealand?

A: As a customer of Australia One, you can login with your User Name and Password to access rates on our online reservation system. Once logged on, please click on the ‘Rates’ link and enter the information required.

Q: Can I download a printed tariff from the website?

A: As a customer of Australia One, you can login with your User Name and Password to access the ‘Download’ area of the website. You will find the latest version of the tariff here, where you can download and easily save it to your desktop for quick reference. Please remember to always download the latest tariff which is updated in the first week of each month.

Q: How do I receive a User Name and Password?

A: Customers of Australia One, can contact our Product Department where your User Name and Password will be set up and e-mailed to you. Please contact Katie Hill, to assist you in this matter.

Q: How do I keep up to date with information such as hotel rate changes, name changes and refurbishments?

A: A Product Amendment is sent out to all of our customers each month. This way we keep you up to date with this important information.

Q: Does Australia One have an emergency phone number for after hours?

A: Yes, by calling the regular office number you will be directed to our after hours contact.

FAQ Australia One – Australian & New Zealand Inbound Tour Operator 


Australia One is a leading Inbound Tour Operator (ITO) and Destination Management Company (DMC) for Australia and New Zealand.

If you are not currently Customer working with Australia One, please feel free to contact us to find out more about what it takes to become a Customer.

We have in-market managers who look after the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, the Nordic countries and Eastern Europe, and are available to discuss all that Australia One can provide.

Australia One is made up of a team of dynamic travel professionals. They will provide expertise in various fields. Furthermore, they can speak in most languages to support the extensive international customer base.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and passion of some of the most beautiful destinations in the world; Australia and New Zealand. Our comprehensive product range is always growing, with a greater focus on ‘niche’ holidays. Therefore, we offer eco destinations, luxury boat cruises and luxury spas.

Only you know what your customer is looking for and we know Australia and New Zealand.

FAQ Australia One | Australian & New Zealand Inbound Tour Operator

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