Spring in Australia: Best Places to Visit during this season

Adventure, wildlife spotting, fancy gallas and natural beauty. 5 Tips for spring in Australia


Springtime in Australia occurs from September through November and its temperatures can vary depending on the state you visit. If looking for warmer weather, we recommend visiting the northern and western parts of Australia, Darwin, coastal Queensland and around the Great Barrier Reef. While Australia can provide you with great travel options all year long, spring is one of the best time of the year to visit as it is the end of the dry season (May-Oct), the wet season hasn’t yet begun (Dec-Mar) and the most popular destinations will not be as crowded as they will be during the Australian summer public holidays.


Australia is a massive country and it is best to plan your trip before arriving. Here are some of our suggestions if visiting Australia during the Spring:


Places to visit during Spring in Australia:


1) Great Barrier Reef

Listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, the reef can offer many beautiful options for scenery and also a chance to watch the epic whale migration until late October. The wind and tidal conditions during this time of the year will be somewhat calmer than the rest of the year and visibility will be greatly improved. Although accessible from many parts of Coast Queensland the top 3 options are from (i) Airlie Beach located in the Whitsunday Islands with its white silica sandy beaches, (ii) Cairns, which offers tour packages ranging from the very simple to the very refined or (iii) Port Douglas which is closely located to the Low Isles Reef, the Opal Reef and the Agincourt Reef.


Spring in Australia: Best Places to Visit during this season
Spring in Australia: Best Places to Visit during this season


2) Kangaroo Island

Located just a ferry ride away from Cape Jervis or a quick plane ride from Adelaide, we recommend staying for at least one weekend in order to properly enjoy all this paradisiacal Island has to offer. While there, do not miss out on the many opportunities to (i) go wild animal spotting with species such as Sea lions, Koalas, Echidnas, Goannas and of course Kangaroos, (ii) visit breathtaking conservation parks such as Flinders Chase National Park famous for its beautiful wilderness scenery and large rock formations, the Lathami conservation park for the exotic wildlife and Kelly Hill Conservation Park for a limestone cave tour and some mountain biking, (iii) Gourmet meals from World acknowledged chefs and the delicious local seafood market options, (iv) a wide and excellent selection of local honey for the sweet-tooths out there or (v), if on a fancier prerogative, a stay in the luxurious Kangaroo beach Lodges.

Spring in Australia: Best Places to Visit during this season
Spring in Australia: Best Places to Visit during this season


3) Margaret River

Known as the premium wine region and also surfing hotspot for the skilled and the amateur alike, this region can give you all that you seek on your vacation. From fine dining at local restaurants, wine tastings that will give Italy a run for its money, art galleries, chocolatiers and cheese makers that will take your taste buds for a delicious ride, to adventures exploring the local forests with their massive hardwood trees, mountain biking, canoeing tours, whale watching, cave exploration with the possibility to visit Jewel Cave and its famous Straw Stalactite, rock climbing, fishing  and, of course, big wave surfing.

Spring in Australia: Best Places to Visit during this season
Spring in Australia: Best Places to Visit during this season


4) Horse racing and the Melbourne Cup

Starting from the end of September, the state of Victoria hosts six weeks of horse races in honor of the Queen’s birthday. The horse races are held in the towns of Ararat, Benalla, Bendigo, Geelong, Kyneton, Sale, Seymour for the Spring Racing Carnival and the Grand event in Melbourne for the Derby Day, Cup Day, Oaks Day (women only) and Stakes Day in the Flemington Racecourse for the Melbourne Cup.

During this time, the cities hosting turn into a Carnival and streets will be swamped with wealthy tourists and citizens looking forward to been seen on their finest outfits and celebratory gallas. It is a fancy event for the entire family and it happens on the first week of November and each racing day has, traditionally, a specific dress code.


5) Flower Festivals

Once spring comes to Australia, the natural beauties of this exquisite country emerge. Known for its unique species and well adapted international favorites, Australia has much to offer no matter which state you choose to visit. The most famous is the Floriade, held in Cranberra’s Commonwealth Park, known for its breathtaking flower displays integrated with quality food and contemporary sculptors, painters and live performers showcasing their art throughout September with a different theme each year. We also recommend checking out (i) Perth’s Wildflower Festival, (ii) South Wales’ Tulip Time Festival, (iii) Goulburn’s Lilac City Festival, (iv) Queensland Carnival of Flowers, and (v) Tesselaar Tulip Festival near Melbourne.

Spring in Australia: Best Places to Visit during this season
Tulip Festival at Araluen Botanic Park, WA


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