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  • restaurants to try in Melbourne

    Our pick of restaurants to try in Melbourne

    A great getaway is made of many things, but none dwells in your mind for as long as food. That is why we have selected the top 5 restaurants to try in Melbourne.

  • Best Nature Retreats in Australia

    Top 5 nature retreats in Australia

    Have you been dreaming of a truly relaxing getaway? Want to detox from technology and reconnect with nature? Then here’s a list of the 5 best nature retreats in Australia, that is tailor made for you.

  • Best places to see Australian animals

    Best places to see Australian animals

    Travelling to the land of Kangaroos, or is it Koalas? Crocodiles, perhaps? Well, it’s all of them and more, for Australia is a diversity paradise. Here’s a list of the Australian animals and where to see them.

  • Barossa Valley Australian Tours

    Australian Tours that you can’t miss

    As one of the largest countries in the world, Australia is often out of reach for a short holiday. Unless you book one of these incredible Australian tours, where you will experience the best it has to offer.

  • History of Australia: 5 facts you didn’t know until now

    Did you know that the world’s favorite essential oil comes from an Australian tree? Or that there was a proper army fighting against giant birds? We have dug up for you some interesting facts on the History of Australia,  that you didn’t know until now.

  • 3 days in Sydney: what you can’t miss in the city

    Does your Australian holiday start with 3 days in Sydney? Then have a look at our itinerary, which covers all of the city landmarks while giving you time to enjoy the seaside.

  • Best places to get to know the Aboriginal Culture in Australia

    Are you looking for a meaningful holiday, exploring fascinating cultures while visiting unique places? We have some tips for you on the best places to visit the Aboriginal Culture in Australia.