10 things you need to know before booking your Tasmania Holidays

Been dreaming of recharging in the wilderness? Or indulging in a gastronomical experience? What about traveling in time and discover fascinating history? Well, then Tasmania Holidays are tailor-made for you.


There is something to please each and every traveler, so check out the 10 things you need to know before booking your Tasmania Holidays and start planning your next trip.


1.Take a ferry to Tasmania

Tasmania Holidays
Copyright: Spirit of Tasmania


Overpacked or bringing your own ride on holiday? No worries, you can take the ferry from Melbourne and make your journey overnight. If you are a travel agent, get in touch with us for the best fares and accommodation options. Once you’ve embarked the Spirit of Tasmania just sit back or lie down at the comfortable on-board accommodation. Otherwise, there are many activities available, from movie sessions to games and kids’ entertainment.

The crossing will end in the north of the island, from where you can start a fun road trip. Make your way to your Tasmania Holidays as stress-free as possible and with everything you need on hand.


2.Explore Hobart

Kangaroo Point, Hobart Copyright: Tourism Tasmania

If you prefer to fly to Tasmania, you’ll find that most flights arrive at Hobart. And what a great opportunity that is to see a little bit of citadin Tasmania.

The capital city welcomes you with a perfect mix of heritage mystery and vibrant culture. Take some time to visit historic sites such as the Cascades Female Factory, Salamanca Place and the nearby town of Port Arthur. Also, you can’t miss the one-of-a-kind MONA, the Museum of Old and New art, which will get the art lovers completely hooked.

3.Mark the Heritage Highway on your road map

Go on an adventurous road trip during your Tasmania Holidays. The Heritage Highway is only 200 km long, but with so much to see between Launceston and Hobart. We are happy to put together a plan with the best stops along the way, just give us a shout.

Visit the infamous Tassie Devils at a wildlife sanctuary just outside of Hobart. Then, make your way through little towns rich in historical treasures. Learn more about it in guided tours along the sandstone buildings and bridges. It is extraordinary how much of the convict history is still preserved in all of Tasmania.
Old mining towns, sheep fields and even a skiing mountain are only a few things you can expect from this enlightening road trip. Off you go on Heritage Highway for a genuine Tassie experience.


4.Book the Taste of Tasmania on your agenda

Taste of Tasmania
Taste Festival, Hobart Copyright: Tourism Tasmania

Make the most of your Tasmania Holidays and check out what’s happening when you’re visiting. During the last week of the year through New Year’s Eve, Hobart’s waterfront turns into a foodie paradise.

The Taste of Tasmania promises all kinds of gastronomic delights as well as an exciting entertainment program. Take your pick from more than 70 stalls or challenge yourself to try as many as you can. For this festival is entrance free which means your week’s agenda will be full! Have the children join the Kids at the Park activities while you indulge in some wine tasting and a live music performance.


5.Your sense of smell will travel too

Bridestowe Lavender Estate
Copyright: Bridestowe Lavender Estate

If you’re into aromatherapy make sure you visit the Bridestowe Lavender Estate. With 200 km of blooming rows, this is the largest private owned lavender fields in the world. The fairytale scenario is ultimately the flourishing of french seeds. They’ve reached Australia as an english perfumer migrated with his precious possessions in 1921.

And today the Bridestowe Estate welcomes visitors to unwind in the midst of a purple field. It also offers guided tours and insight about essential oil extraction and its purposes.
Try the lavender ice cream and get in touch with nature and the wonderful Tasmanian agrotourism.


6. Regenerate at Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park
Freycinet National Park. Copyright: robburnettimages. Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

What better than an island that is 21% National Parks to truly unplug? If you’re in need of a digital detox on your Tasmania Holidays, Freycinet National Park is your destination.

First, set on the hiking trail all the way up to the Wineglass Bay lookout. If you’re an early bird, the sunrise is the best time of day to see the pink granite mountains framing it. Then walk down to the beach, where the turquoise sea will recharge you. The Wineglass Bay, together with its neighbour Hazards Beach have been listed as best beaches in Australia. And these are not the only ones in Freycinet Park. Explore the lighthouse and Honeymoon Bay in your own time and stay for the night.

If you’re planning a grand romantic gesture or just love architecture, you will definitely want to check the world-class lodge Saffire Freycinet.

7.Try the freshly caught seafood

Copyright: Tourism Tasmania and Andrew Wilson

If the scenery doesn’t win your heart, then the Tasmanian seafood will surely do the trick. Trust us, local food will make the most delicious memories from your Tasmania Holidays.
The seafood lovers, especially, are in for a treat. Take a ferry to Bruny Island and visit the Oyster Farm Get Shucked. Fresh, large and tasty, the delicacy is pulled from the sea just a few minutes before.

Still, the fish doesn’t fall behind. As you may notice by the little fishing villages on your drive along the coast, there is plenty of it to be caught… and eaten. Try it at the friendly Freycinet Marine Farm during your getaway at Freycinet National Park.
Otherwise, there are a few great choices in Hobart.
Mewah or Franklin near the Salamanca Market, are two of our favorite restaurants that guarantee the finest quality.


8. Bring your gear for an iconic climb

Cape Hauy
Tasman National Park Copyright: Sean Scott Photography

Experienced climbers will want to bring their gear on their Tasmania Holidays. For some world-class climbs are to be found just 100 km outside of Hobart, in Cape Hauy. The free standing dolerite column that raises 60 meter from the sea is called the Totem Pole. Your mission starts by getting across on a wire with possibly less than ideal winds. If you’re adrenaline isn’t pumping yet, it will as soon as you feel the waves crashing on the slender rock. Take a deep breath and set on your designated route to reach the top.

The Totem Pole and other stunning rock formations are just on the edge of the Tasman National Park. Non-climbers will surely love the breathtaking views along the Cape Hauy track.

If you are interested in joining an organized tour, we’ll be happy to assist you. Just make sure to pack your courage!


9.Uninterrupted Wilderness at Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain | 10 things you need to know before booking your Tasmania Holidays
Lake Dove and Cradle Mountain Copyright: Tourism Tasmania

Part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is worth a visit. Not only for being the gateway to the famous Overland Track, but also because it is family friendly. The kids will have a good time, as there are many wonders to discover in the wilderness. Lookout for wandering inhabitants and lustrous wildflowers on your walks through the rainforest. After that, why not go on a cruise at the deepest lake in Australia?
Regardless of your route, make sure you bring comfortable footwear and a raincoat on your Tasmania Holidays, for the typical Tassie weather.


10.Where to meet the Tasmanian devilish icon

Tasmanian Devil
Copyright: Tourism Tasmania

You might have seen him countless times on Looney Tunes, storming around in furious growling. The Tasmanian Devil earned his name after driving the first settlers crazy with its frenzy. Although feared by many, this carnivorous marsupial used to inhabit other parts of Australia. Sadly, dingoes and farmers defending their livestock have led to its extinction. Nowadays it is found all over Tasmania, with a preference for dry and coastal woodlands.

Since they are nocturnal we recommend you to visit a wildlife sanctuary to meet them personally on your Tasmania Holidays. Stop by Trowunna Wildlife Park on your way to Cradle Mountain and feed a little devil. If you’re only exploring the south this time, visit the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo just outside of Port Arthur.


So pack your bags and set off on an unforgettable retreat, and let us know what you loved most about your Tasmania Holidays once you’re back!

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