Flinders Ranges Odysseys

Outback Tours

In the heart of South Australia’s outback, yet just an easy journey from the state capital of Adelaide, the Flinders Ranges is one of the world’s ultimate destinations.

It’s one of outstanding natural beauty; of inspiring, ancient landscapes; of significant aboriginal heritage; of pioneering settlers’ history. It’s one that offers the ultimate in luxury experiences; exclusive accommodation; great food and fine wines. And it’s one that will dazzle your senses, and create memories that’ll stay with you forever.

Flinders Ranges Odysseys specialise in hosting small groups to and through the Flinders Ranges in style. You’ll be guided by local experts who are passionate about this iconic place, and you’ll enjoy the very best accommodation, cuisine and wines on every step of your journey.

Explore the rugged 540 million-year-old ancient landscape, and encounter the native wildlife. From the grandeur of Wilpena Pound, to the ancient fossils at Nilpena Station; from a sumptuous four course lamb tasting dinner to sunset drinks and canapes, it’s all here for you to experience.

The Flinders Ranges is a destination like no other in Australia. It’s a special place, the ultimate Outback experience, waiting to be discovered in style with Flinders Ranges Odysseys.