Kingfisher Bay Resort

Inspired by Nature

If you travel in search of 5-star outdoor experiences, memories to last a lifetime and the ultimate Australian adventure – you’ll find it all at Kingfisher Bay Resort, nestled on the western bay of Fraser Island. There’s endless opportunities to explore this World Heritage-listed wonderland, from swimming in the famed Lake McKenzie, cruising along 75 Mile Beach, or admiring the spectacular surrounds on a ranger-guided nature walk. Kingfisher Bay Resort provides easy access to the island’s iconic sites, for a fully immersive ecotourism experience with an array of accommodation options to suit all travellers.

Guests can canoe, swim, segway, join a Ranger-Guided Eco Tour or nature walk and experience Fraser Island’s shifting landscapes – where Aboriginal names like Wanggoolba and Dundonga roll exotically off the tongue.

Cruise up the remote western coast of Fraser Island on the new West Coast adventure cruise and be on the lookout for magnificent marine life including turtles, dugongs and dolphins.  Swim in the spectacular, yet secluded freshwater creeks and visit the wondrous white sands of Moon Point, learning about this pristine natural environment from our eco-accredited crew.

Whale watching cruises are also available daily from the resort in season (Aug to Oct).

Access is easy with direct flights from Sydney and Brisbane to the Fraser Coast, connecting with regular ferry transfers from River Heads.