The ultimate surfing spots in Australia

If your surfboard is the number one item on your packing list, then check out the ultimate surfing spots in Australia.


Every surfer knows that Australia is home to world-class competitions. And you have probably watched it on TV, but now it’s time you’ve ridden these waves. From unbelievable tubes to nice and easy whitewater, from experienced to beginners, we’ve got you covered.

Where to surf in Australia
Margaret River. Copyright: Sean Scott Photography


The ultimate surfing spots in Australia:


Gold Coast, Queensland

Just one hour drive from Brisbane, there is one such thing called Surfers Paradise. Does it sound made for you? Then settle in this Gold Coast beach, a great home base to explore over 57 km of coastline. Surfers Paradise welcomes you with skyscrapers by the beach, tons of shops and a vibrant nightlife. Here you will find out the ultimate surfing spots in Australia by day, and party by night.

From there you can drive south, discovering the many different waves at Burleigh Heads, Currumbin and Coolangatta. Once you’ve reached Snapper Rocks, be sure to have a good amount of experience and guts. Since you’ll need to jump into some powerful waves right from the rocks, where the Quiksilver Pro competition takes place. Naturally, the thrill attracts surfers from all over the world, so it does get a bit overcrowded.


the ultimate surfing spots in Australia
Gold Coast. Copyright: Tourism Australia


Byron Bay, New South Wales

This magical spot a bit further down south, has been stealing hearts for some time. Byron Bay is a much more laid back coastal town, with short houses of bohemian cafes and shops. There is always a local market to explore and live music around. You might want to stick around for some time, for the zen vibe is truly contagious.

the ultimate surfing spots in Australia
Byron Bay. Copyright: Tourism Australia

If you haven’t been in the water for some time, let the folks at “Let’s go surfing” school give you some tips. For a nice and long beginners’ point-break wave, head out to The Pass, where you’ll surf with people of all ages. Try also Belongil beach, another locals’ favorite, or the secluded and wild Wategos beach. When the swell is big, these can be the most exciting surfing spots in Australia.


the ultimate surfing spots in Australia
Wategos Beach. Copyright: Tourism Australia


Bells Beach, Victoria

A highlight of the Great Ocean Road, Bells beach is beautifully set at the base of towering cliffs. But if you’re visiting in the Easter holidays, you might not think it so pristine. For this is when crowds gather to watch the Rip Curl Pro competition. From as early as 1962, the five meter swells have been making champions of the likes of Kelly Slater and Mike Fanning. Remember Point Break, the movie? The iconic Bells Beach is on that too.

It all may sound a bit too professional, but don’t let the massive walls of water intimidate you.  Just have fun, while trying some aerials. Book your trip from March to October, and you’ll be in for some off the hook waves. So get your surfboard, and make your way down the panoramic wooden staircase. Bells Beach has got to be one of the most legendary surfing spots in Australia.

the ultimate surfing spots in Australia
Bells Beach. Copyright: Tourism Victoria


Margaret River, Western Australia

Beyond the renowned vineyards of Margaret River, there are 135 km of breaks to discover. If you’re all the way in Western Australia, this is an awesome roadtrip to take from Perth. Yallingup, Boranup, Gracetown, Augusta and Dunsborough, are all great stops along the way. At these beaches, you’ll tackle open barrels, left or right-handers and swells up to two meters.

Make an early start at Surfer’s Point, a favorite of locals and competitions. The stunning scenery will make it hard to get out of the water. Just check for sharks, since this year’s Margaret River Pro was cancelled due to attack risk. Wrap up your day by toasting to the sunset on the Indian Ocean, with a local cellar’s produce.


Where to surf in Australia
Margaret River. Copyright: Jesse Desjardins


Now that you know the ultimate surfing spots in Australia, get your gear and enjoy the best waves of your life. Surf’s Up!

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