Why you must visit Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Visit Kangaroo Island, the third largest in Australia, and get close to the most diverse and abundant offering of native wildlife.


How to get there

Kangaroo Island is located within a short distance from the state’s elegant capital city, Adelaide. You can either hop on a regional flight or drive all the way to the island. From Cape Jervis, on the mainland, it will take only 45 minutes to reach the town of Penneshaw by ferry.


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When to visit Kangaroo Island

With a Mediterranean climate, South Australia is a fantastic year-round destination.

Yet we recommend you visit between November and April, to get the best of the Island’s sunny days.

However, if you do visit during the winter make sure to pack a rain jacket. It gets pretty wet, especially in July, and the highlights of Kangaroo Island are all in the open.


The things you can’t miss in Kangaroo Island

To visit Kangaroo Island is a wonderful opportunity to disconnect and get back in touch with nature. This 145 km long piece of land is so rich in wilderness, with distinct landscapes and Australian animals, that you might wonder if you’re still in the same island after a couple of days.


Flinders Chase Park
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Spot platypus, goannas and kangaroos at Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park is right across the island from the town of Kingscote, and a place not to be missed. This protected area covers more than 300 km2, which can be explored through walking trails along woodlands, rivers and the coastline. Just remember to get your camera ready, because you might find little friends on the way. From kangaroos, goannas and echidnas, to koalas and platypus, you will be entering their territory.

And as soon as you step outside of this green sanctuary, towards the coast, you will have yet more natural wonders to see. Not only are the views stunning, but this is also where you can visit the Remarkable Rocks and other geological monuments. Naturally shaped into architectonic sculptures, these rocks sit right on the edge of a cliff and you can explore its holes and rippled surface.

After that, make your way to Admiral’s Arch a bit further down the Park’s coast. Once you’ve grasped the powerful impact of the waves hitting the Arch and how it has come and still is shaping it, take a good look down. There, you will get to see some busy fishing birds and carefree long-nosed fur seals lying on the rocks.

On your way back, make a quick stop at Weirs Cove and enjoy the peaceful view.


visit kangaroo island
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Walk among rare sea lions at the South Coast beaches

When you visit Kangaroo Island, you will want to save a whole day to explore its south coast beaches. Especially once you’ve reached Seal Bay and spot the wild sea lions, simply going about their business. We strongly recommend you to take a tour, and get closer to the rare and endangered animals. You can either observe the colony from a boardwalk on the dunes, or join the baby sea lions and their mothers watching the sunset right from the beach. Book an unforgettable tour with us now.

Another out-of-this world sight on the south coast are the monumental dunes, appropriately called Little Sahara. If you like adrenaline, then you can’t miss the chance to surf them on top of a sand-board. However, if you’re more into a relaxing holiday, the stunning and unexpected scenery is still worth the visit.


kangaroo island
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Swim with dolphins in the North coast waters

If you love the beach, then you will be happy to know that the ones on the north shore are safe to swim and beautiful too. So much so, that you can book a tour and dive straight off the boat to swim with dolphins around here.

No one beach is the same on Kangaroo Island, so we vividly recommend you to take a little road trip along the coast. The wide stretch of white sand at Emu Bay couldn’t be more different than Western River Cove, with its farmland hills in the back. And Stokes Bay is full of natural pools and rocky paths to spend a whole day scouting.

Once you’ve had your share of turquoise waters, head back to Kingscote, the capital of Kangaroo Island. And just one more thing before wrapping up your day with a well-deserved dinner of fresh seafood. Go to the jetty and get a laugh at the sight of the pelican feeding that takes place every evening. It will surely work up your appetite!


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to visit Kangaroo Island. And you won’t ever need your phone, so here’s a great place to truly disconnect and have a relaxing holiday.


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