6 Awesome reasons to visit Perth, Australia

Trying to decide whether to visit Perth, Australia on your next trip? To help you make up your mind, here are a few reasons why you should add it to your itinerary.


There simply has got to be something to Perth, Australia. Why else would so many people want to live in one of the most isolated cities in the world? Closer to Southeast Asia than to other Australian cities, lies an exciting city that is proving to be more than just a stopover to Sydney.

visit perth, australia
Perth, Australia Credit: Tourism Australia


Phenomenal outdoor activities around Perth, Australia


1.Cottesloe Beach

If you love the ocean then hit Cottesloe beach, only a 15-minute drive from the CBD. There, the pine trees and picturesque Indiana building in the background effortlessly set a vintage vibe. You will love the crystal blue waters for snorkeling, and waves permitting, to surf. And after snoozing on the sand, join the locals for a picnic at the green terraces. From there you will have the most beautiful view of a sunset in the Indian Ocean.


2.Elizabeth Quay

If you are in the city on business, with little time, you can still enjoy some fresh air. Right next to the buzzing centre, Elizabeth Quay makes for a nice stroll by River Swan.

As a part of WA Government to revitalize Perth, the waterfront is newly designed. Which you will definitely notice, when crossing the contemporary-style bridge.


visit Perth, australia
Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Australia Credit: Tourism Australia


3.Kings Park

For a day well spent, visit Kings Park. This lush hill overlooking the city, has plenty of tracks to cover and lawns to stretch your legs.

Along the way, you will come across some pretty awesome spots. Like the giant boab tree, that came all the way from the remote Kimberleys. Or the Aboriginal Art Gallery, the State War Memorial and an elevated glass bridge. And the best part is, it’s only a short walk from the CBD.


4.City Tours

A great way to visit Perth, Australia is to go on a city tour. You will be able to soak up what it’s all about, yet with fun and entertaining local guides.

Whether you’re into the history of the city or its food scene, Two Feet & a Heartbeat is your go-to tour. Out of love for their city, the local guides have even put together a scavenger hunt. Well then, there’s a big chance you won’t see your kids so excited about a city tour right?

If you are looking for instagrammable places in hidden laneways, then you will love Oh Hey WA. They know exactly where to find the vibrant street art, that has been colouring Perth. Also, you can do it on a bicycle and help support Bikes for Refugees organisation. How incredible is that?

Let us know which kind of tour you’re looking for, and we’ll book it for you.


perth, australia
Swan River Credit: Tourism Australia


Engaging with the culture of WA in Perth, Australia


5.Art and History Museums

For those feeling less outdoorsy and more cultural, we’ve got you covered too. Go beyond the doors of the city’s heritage buildings, and discover cool exhibitions and fine art collections.

If you’re traveling with kids, check out the Discovery Museum and the WA Shipwrecks Museum. They will also love to see how gold melts into the shape of a bar or coin, at the Perth Mint. Another good one, the Western Australian Museum, is now under renovation to give place in 2020 to the New Museum of WA.

Even if you’re not that into art, you’ll want to go inside this former school that is now PICA. Short for Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, which is housed inside a beautifully preserved nineteenth century brick building. There, you’ll find all kinds of contemporary pieces, experiments, dance, among other forms of art. For historic and indigenous art, head to the Art Gallery of WA.


6.Heritage Sites

All the Victorian constructions you see around town, are there thanks to the convict era and later the gold rush. But there is another place nearby, worth going when you visit Perth, Australia. To get a deeper understanding of the penal colony life, simply take a train to Fremantle. At a short forty minutes ride, what was once the first colonists settlement is today filled with cool shops and gourmet experiences.

Freo has plenty of sites that are full of fascinating history. Don’t miss the chance to visit the World Heritage-listed Fremantle Prison and see the cells for yourself. The massive compound was built to take on the endless influx of british convicts at the time. Their first destination, however, was the Round House, the oldest building in WA.

After such curious and even brutal recounts, it’s finally time to unwind. And what better place to do it, than at the laidback atmosphere of a local brewery?


perth, australia
Fremantle Brewery. Credit: Tourism Australia


Well then, where are you planning to visit Perth, Australia?


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