When is the best time to visit Australia

Considering the size of the country, the best time to visit Australia can vary depending on what you are looking to do. So whether you’re thinking of booking your beach holidays or a wine tour, here is everything you need to know about Australian weather.


Best time to visit Australia: everything you need to know

The most important thing to have in mind, is that it can be raining on one end of Australia, while the sun is shining on the other. This happens, because the closer you get to the equator, the less strict seasons will be.

It might help if you imagine a horizontal line dividing the country. So above the line you have tropical climate and below it temperate climate. However, a big part of Australia is desert. So between north and south, the climate is arid with extreme temperatures. Think the movie “Mad Max”.

With this scenario, you might decide that the best time to visit Australia is in the winter month of June, and end up sweating on a hot day out in Darwin. But as you travel further down south, you will definitely need your coat.



Australian Summer

Summer typically starts in December and ends in February. You can expect hot days, with temperatures exceeding 30ºC and pleasantly warm nights.

Remember though, that in the tropical regions of Darwin and The Great Barrier Reef it is  likely to be raining. And not just a few drops, since the summer is monsoon season. Sometimes tropical cyclones will hit the coast and that’s when you get to see the most spectacular thunderstorms and lightning across the sky.


Australian Winter

Winter goes from June to August and temperatures are relatively mild across the country. It only gets freezing on mountain regions and in the middle of the desert, always below 0º at night.

While the tropical north will mostly see clear skies in this period, the south will have its share of gray days. It typically rains in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney, while snow covers the peaks, opening the ski season.

If you’re not yet sure about visiting in the winter, then have a look at all of the reasons why you should be here.


Best time to visit Australia by region

best time to visit australia
The Great Ocean Road. Copyright: Tourism Australia



The south gets the coolest summers in Australia and it’s where the ski fields are located.

If you’re looking to get the best of cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, then go in the summer. This is usually a period full of incredible events and lovely, sunny days. But if wine is your thing, then visit the Australian wineries in April and May. To taste the best wines, check our complete guide here.

Winter in the south though, is the perfect time to ski in Victoria and to spot the southern lights in Tasmania. If this is your case, we’ll tell you all about where to see the southern lights in Australia and New Zealand here.


East Coast

The Gold and Sunshine Coast are two favourite summer destinations. So if you’re headed that way, the best time to visit Australia would be in the summer. From white sand beaches, to summer markets and street pocket shows, these coastal towns are a piece of magic.

However, there is an incredible phenomena around here that only happens in the winter. You see, the warmer waters of the east coast welcome the Antarctic Ocean whales in the coldest months. You can spot these magnificent creatures from May to November along the Eastern coastline. Book a memorable tour and keep an eye out for playful newborn calves.


best time to visit australia
Perisher. Copyright: Tourism Australia



The Australian region comprising the Northern Territory, the Daintree Forest and the Great Barrier Reef is all affected by a tropical climate. Which means that, if these are the places you want to go to, then summer might not be the best time to visit Australia.

To get the best of it, book somewhere between April and November instead. This is when the monsoon season is over, so no damp weather or tropical storms. Also, the waters are free of stingers so you can enjoy a relaxed beach day and ocean swims.

In case you are looking to get in touch with the Aboriginal Culture, this is the best region to do it. Check here all the best places to go.



The outback is known for going through long periods of drought, with sizzling hot summers. Which is why we recommend that you to visit between April and June, or October and November. With average temperatures of 20º, you will find canyon hiking in the Red Centre and spiritual walks around Uluru much more enjoyable. And during these months there is also the bonus of no flies tormenting you all day. Check here our complete guide for some awesome days in the Outback and pack your bags!


best time to visit australia
The Outback. Copyright: Tourism Australia



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