Best places to visit in Queensland Australia

Wildlife spotting, pristine beaches, incredible sightseeing and adventure. Here are 9 places you must visit in Queensland Australia.

Spring in Australia: Best Places to Visit during this season

Adventure, wildlife spotting, fancy gallas and natural beauty. 5 Tips for spring in Australia

Where to experience the Maori Culture in New Zealand

As a part of your trip, there is definitely one experience that you cannot miss and that’s getting to know the Maori Culture in New Zealand.

5 Things to do in Sydney Australia

A trip to Australia would not be complete without visiting Sydney, a vibrant city with exciting experiences waiting for you. Which is why we have listed 5 things to do in Sydney Australia that you just can’t miss!

8 Beaches in Australia that we love

From wildlife encounters, legendary waves to surf and beautiful coastal walks, here’s our list of beaches in Australia where you need to set foot in.

Top things to do in Hobart Australia in 48 hours

If you’re looking for a quick getaway from mainland Australia, then Hobart is the right place to go. With centuries of history to discover and beautiful landscapes to see, here is our list of things to do in Hobart Australia in 48 hours.

All you need to know before you visit the Kimberley Australia

To visit the Kimberley Australia is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on a true outback experience. Swim in gorges of outstanding beauty and walk among towering sandstone cliffs this April.

The 6 events in Australia in 2019 you don’t want to miss

There is a lot going on in Australia this year. And if you’re trying to figure out when is the best time to visit, check out our favorite events happening in Australia in 2019. Put it in your agenda and book your next holidays now.

All you need to know before visiting the Northern Territory Australia

Filled with iconic landscapes and wildlife – Hello “salties”! – the Northern Territory Australia needs to be on your itinerary. Here is all you need to know before visiting the Top End on your next holidays, have a look!

Our pick of restaurants to try in Sydney

A great getaway is made of many things, but none dwells in your mind for as long as food. That is why we have selected the top 5 restaurants to try in Sydney.

8 things we love about Adelaide, Australia

The cool, laid-back vibe spreads all around, from the city centre to the beaches and up the hills. Take a stroll at the colourful Central Market or book a wine tasting just outside town at Barossa Valley.

Why you should book Whitsunday Islands now

The perfect getaway for those who seek pristine beaches and calm waters is just off the coast of Queensland, and you might have heard about it. Now it’s time to book Whitsunday Islands for your next holiday.

When is the best time to visit Australia

Considering the size of the country, the best time to visit Australia can vary depending on what you are looking to do. So whether you’re thinking of booking your beach holidays or a wine tour, here is everything you need to know about Australian weather.   Best time to visit Australia: everything you need to…

Why you must visit Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Visit Kangaroo Island, the third largest in Australia, and get close to the most diverse and abundant offering of native wildlife.

48 hours in Melbourne: what to do and where to go

Are you planning a weekend getaway at the cultural capital of Australia? Then here is a detailed plan of how to spend 48 hours in Melbourne that is just right for you.

Our guide to Wineries in Australia

Besides surfing and kangaroos, Australia is also famous for its world-class wines. So from one wine lover to another, here’s our guide to the must visit wineries in Australia.

The best spots for Skiing in New Zealand

If you spend the whole year craving for snowy slopes, then skiing in New Zealand will be your next favorite holiday. Head there from mid-June to early November, and get ready for some world-class ski fields and beautiful scenery.

10 things we love about Queensland, Australia

From the best surfing spots to a rain forest retreat, this is the place with something to please each and every traveler. So check out the 10 things we love about Queensland, Australia and start planning your next trip

6 Awesome reasons to visit Perth, Australia

Trying to decide whether to visit Perth, Australia on your next trip? To help you make up your mind, here are a few reasons why you should add it to your itinerary.

Why you should visit the Blue Mountains National Park

Only two hours outside of Sydney, this has to be the best day trip for nature lovers. Here is why you should visit the Blue Mountains National Park.

Our Guide to Local Markets in Australia

If you’re looking for unique and wholesome souvenirs to take back home, then you’ll love the local markets in Australia

Visit the Most Beautiful Lakes in New Zealand

If that image of a peaceful lake mirroring wondering peaks is stuck on your mind, then you have a good reason to visit New Zealand.

The ultimate surfing spots in Australia

If your surfboard is the number one item on your packing list, then check out the ultimate surfing spots in Australia.

Our pick of restaurants to try in Melbourne

A great getaway is made of many things, but none dwells in your mind for as long as food. That is why we have selected the top 5 restaurants to try in Melbourne.

Top 5 nature retreats in Australia

Have you been dreaming of a truly relaxing getaway? Want to detox from technology and reconnect with nature? Then here’s a list of the 5 best nature retreats in Australia, that is tailor made for you.

Best places to see Australian animals

Travelling to the land of Kangaroos, or is it Koalas? Crocodiles, perhaps? Well, it’s all of them and more, for Australia is a diversity paradise. Here’s a list of the Australian animals and where to see them.

5 places that you must visit in Christchurch, New Zealand

The largest city of New Zealand’s South Island has lots to see, so we listed the 5 places that you must visit in Christchurch. A gateway to many New Zealand adventures, such as a train ride across the Southern Alps and nearby ski fields, Christchurch is much more than just a passing point.

Australian Tours that you can’t miss

As one of the largest countries in the world, Australia is often out of reach for a short holiday. Unless you book one of these incredible Australian tours, where you will experience the best it has to offer.

The best places to see the Southern Lights in Australia & New Zealand

The Southern Lights a.k.a Aurora Australis, are definitely a once in a lifetime experience and one you will never forget. Although rare to witness, you might get lucky on your Australia or New Zealand holidays.

10 things you need to know before booking your Tasmania Holidays

Been dreaming of recharging in the wilderness? Or indulging in a gastronomical experience? What about traveling in time and discover fascinating history? Well, then Tasmania Holidays are tailor-made for you.

History of Australia: 5 facts you didn’t know until now

Did you know that the world’s favorite essential oil comes from an Australian tree? Or that there was a proper army fighting against giant birds? We have dug up for you some interesting facts on the History of Australia,  that you didn’t know until now.

3 days in Sydney: what you can’t miss in the city

Does your Australian holiday start with 3 days in Sydney? Then have a look at our itinerary, which covers all of the city landmarks while giving you time to enjoy the seaside.

Why you should visit Australia in the Winter

If you couldn’t make it to Australia this past summer, don’t hesitate on booking a trip in the cold months! Vast skiing fields, charming vineyards and the biggest festival in Sydney are only a few of the things that await you.

Best places to get to know the Aboriginal Culture in Australia

Are you looking for a meaningful holiday, exploring fascinating cultures while visiting unique places? We have some tips for you on the best places to visit the Aboriginal Culture in Australia.

Queenstown New Zealand: the best attractions for 2018

Have you been hearing great things about Queenstown, New Zealand? How it’s an exciting hub for backpackers or that its nearby slopes will thrill all ski lovers? Put it in your agenda this year.

10 things we love about New Zealand

This is one of those epic holidays you will remember for the rest of your life, New Zealand will surely sweep you off your feet… The faraway island of awe-inspiring wilderness, exhilarating activities and first-class wines will confirm your suspicion that this is the perfect destination. There is something to please each and every traveler,…

25 items you must include in your Australia Packing List

From dry heat to damp tropical weather, versatility is the most important thing when packing for Australia. Take note of all the essentials that we have listed for you! Australia Packing List:   Endless beach days essentials:   Ah those careless days at the beach… You will have plenty of those here in Australia and…

Why you should visit Uluru & Alice Springs

Although remote from practically every city in Australia, the Red Centre is only a direct flight away. So check out why you should visit Uluru and Alice Springs and pack your bags!   Imagine yourself stargazing next to a 350 meters tall rock in changing shades of red as the sun fades away. Has Uluru…

Top Things to do in Brisbane in 48 hours

Whether you’re on your way to the Gold Coast or planning a weekend getaway, here are Brisbane must see’s and do’s to make the best of it! Things to do in Brisbane: Day 1: Southbank must see’s and do’s Start by cruising the charismatic Brisbane River on a free hopper ferry. Meandering through the city…

Australia Travel Guide: Top cities that you can’t miss

Whether you are on a holiday spree or ticking Australian cities one by one out of your bucket list, make sure you don’t miss these cities!   The ever changing landscape and lifestyle of Australia is often out of reach for a short holiday, so check out this list of the cities that you can’t…