Quokka eating leaves on Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Watching someone else eat has never been so enjoyable

5 Day Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Cobourg Peninsula Tour

Tours depart Darwin on Mondays and Thursdays (May through October)

Great Fishing Adventures of Australia

Australia. The world only island continent. Surrounded by nearly 16,000 km of pristine coastline. It’s home of 4,000 thousand species of fish, making it the ultimate fishing destination. Anywhere you look at it, Australia is an anglers paradise.

Tasmania Roadtrip

Experience the tranquil beaches of Tasmania’s east before heading to the rugged mountains flanking the west. We’ll show you the best Tasmania has to offer.

The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef is nature’s greatest gift to Australia. It is a mosaic alive with diversity with over 4,000 coral reefs, cays and islands and is home to thousands of species. The Great Barrier Reef is a living treasure to be cherished, respected and protected, for now and into the future.

The Kimberley, Western Australia

Three times larger than England, with a population of less than 40,000, the Kimberley region – spread over Australia’s entire north-western corner – is one of the world’s last wilderness frontiers