The Australia One FIT Department takes care of individual travellers from all over the world. Our clients are confident in the knowledge that their passengers needs are always met with efficiency and expertise. When you book land arrangements with us you can be assured of the personalised service that we are renowned for. Our constantly expanding FIT Department can provide you with:

  • Multilingual Staff (English, German, and Italian)
  • Online reservations via our website; using your user name and password
  • 24 Hour Emergency Phone Assistance
  • 24 Hour turnaround service
  • Wide diversity of Australian products
  • Our own Self Drive programs
  • City Stay Packages

We provide a wide range of Australian and New Zealand products. Our tariff can be optained electronically, and product updates are sent out regularly advising you on new products, refurbishments and any applicable rate changes, in order to keep you fully informed.

Our ability to book a vast diversity of all touring products available in the Australian and New Zealand market has made us a favourite among wholesalers all around the world.

“Be part of Australia One and share our success.”

Contact our reservations department on for efficient and friendly service.